Bette King was born in nearby Los Angeles, and at 18 launched an interior design business, and made a success of it, which has lasted some 46 years. Interior design has been a fabulous profession for meeting influential clients and networking with fantastic crafts people and artists and manufacturers. These contacts have been a great source of making a success of producing great fundraising events. For years Bette has produced many fundraisers for charity for Johnson Cancer Center, U.C.L.A. , City of Hope, ABWA, and many more. She has given back in other ways too; she taught interior design courses at the University of California, Riverside, Palm Desert Campus.

She currently acts as the exclusive sales representative for all of North America for Arbob Industries Ltd, Shenzhen , China. She retains this position , among other things , by observing the needs of people and applying her strong marketing skills to selling this company’s rotary closet racks, called RotaBOB. In this capacity she has created many innovations adopted by the factory for this product. These innovations have provided special basketry for shoes, shortening the height for use in pantries, and for Little People, and adapting it for use by handicapped. Bette with her husband,Frank, work together as the sole importers and North American distributors of RotaBob.
Generally she has been passionate for improving the lives of handicapped persons, she calls "handi-capables". She caretakes for a young man disabled since brain damaged in an auto accident years ago. Her passion with handi-capable people, and marketing to them ,has involved another division of her design business, called "Special Touch." This business does wardrobing for the handicapped, as well as full figure dressing. She has a flair for color as well as fashion. In this pursuit, as well as in all other aspects of her career activities , she takes her clients on wholesale shopping trips to the Los Angeles Market and beyond. In characteristic flair, she takes the clients , women and men , by Limo or bus to factories, where the clients are able to get everything from perfume, jewelry, clothing, shoes, hard to fit items, household furniture, art and more. It is an experience to behold! If you haven’t tried one of her LUV2 SHOP trips you don’t know what you are missing.
Bette also is connected with Why Not Travel, a travel agency, specializing in cruise vacations, which is located in Chatsworth, California. She can do many special things for travel clients incorporating her networking skills.
The idea for "The Man Behind the Music" came from her. It was conceived during a visit with Dennis Lambert and his family. She was shown the documentary on his life, and after the tears cleared her eyes, she told Dennis, "It is time people know you, you are the man behind the music, and not just someone who put words to music. The recording artists have made successes with your songs , because the music came from your heart to the keyboard."
After Bette returned to Los Angeles, after the Lambert visit, she started to get to work. She was introduced to DesertArc, and its executive director , Richard Balocco, who does a wonderful job to try to meet the needs of the mentally challenged clients of the agency. After a tour of the facility Bette realized the immense good done for the clients by DesertArc.
Bette brought Dennis out to the Desert to see for himself this marvelous agency. She sponsored a tour of the facility and introduced Dennis at a luncheon for 113 people after the tour, and announced to all ,the plans she had made for the show. Everything about this production has come from Bette’s ideas, and energy to make ideas into plans, and plans, into approved , exciting, functioning parts of the fine production, ‘THE MAN BEHIND THE MUSIC".
Bette was also asked by DesertArc, to include their 50 year anniversary celebration as part of a Gala Luncheon on the day of the Concert. "Your wish, her command", brought about a fantastic luncheon, with extensive, entertainment and high end raffle prizes, and celebrity picture signing. Bette pulled this off because she considers herself one of the best networkers , and that is how she gets things done.
Bette says, "I am very transparent, and have adapted to these hard economic times by getting to know all the groups and charities in the Coachella Valley. I found we all do the same thing , but for different causes. We should all work together to help each other, by supporting each others’ events ,and this includes my being willing to share my connections with other charity fundraisers."
When asked , "What is the one thing you would point to , that made you a success?" The answer is"I never accept ‘no’. I am a good negotiator , and always tell people who answer ‘no’ to any request, ‘Give me a crumb and I will bake you a cake; give me a seed and I will grow you a tree’. She also answers negativity with "believe in me, like I believe in myself."
Bette markets, networks, creates, sells ,and produces , and that is why she created Bette King Productions, and is super proud of her achievement, producing "The Man Behind the Music", featuring Dennis Lambert and recording artists on November 14,2009 at Agua Caliente Spa Resort and Casino in Rancho Mirage, California, at the theater venue there, THE SHOW. It is going to be one of the most spectacular shows the desert has experienced, and it will give you an opportunity to see the finished product showing off the skills of Bette King.