About Bette King Productions

My marketing skills and PR, entertainment events and seminars that I put on make me outstanding in this field as I match my name for the same, "I Make it Happen'' PR and Marketing which is one of the offshoots of Bette King Productions.

I produce entertainment events and seminars using my unique and creative ideas. I am a columnist and radio personality as well, which gives me a broad scope to help people connect in every aspect of the business.

With my many years of experience and connections, I am able to get your business where you want it to be. In the past four months, I have gotten distributors, sales representatives for clients and moved their products into large business establishments.

My business strategies have opened up large channels for all the clients I work with.

Resume of BETTE E.KING
2255 Miramonte Circle, West, Unit B Palm Springs,Ca 92264;

I was born in Hollywood, and have basically lived in Southern California ever since . After attending some interior design schooling, I opened my own designer business. I have, in addition to interior design work ,taught interior design and color theory at the University of California, Riverside.

This work was an element of the creativity I have. I am creative in having ideas that work well with people. I take service needs of people as a creative challenge. I have worked well in design of functioning homes and clothing for certain uses, for seniors, handicapped , and the mentally challenged.

I study the needs of those I am working with; I apply my creative ideas to their needs, and get their support by my sales abilities and friendly personality. People like me, and I enjoy doing things for them.

I have connections in the theater, music, and clothing, jewelry, and home furnishings industries. I never leave a job undone; I see everything through. I encourage full participation from the people I am working with. l am a loyal team player. But, I am able to command ,with sole authority, the most involved of efforts.

I did fund raising activities in planning and carrying out, for City of Hope, JCCF/U.C.L.A., I did similar events for American Business Woman’s Association , where I was chairperson of special activities.

I was the North American Marketing Director for Arbob Industries, Ltd, Shenzhen ,China. I have planned and run trade shows for F & B Sales Co.

I have been a special cruise consultant for seniors, for Why Not Travel Co. As owner of Special Touch, I have specialized in designing for the senior and full figured .

As Bette King Productions, I have produced here in the desert several musical events since 2008, the first honored the composer Dennis Lambert, along with 14 headline entertainers, Natalie Cole, Elaine Paige, Dave Koz, Mickey Thomas, Tavares, Player, Connie Stevens and Tricia and JoLee Fisher, and Seddiah Garrett, and the Commodores, and worked with the production, and housing for the participants and entertainers and our company handled all ticket sales. I produced a 50th Anniversary Luncheon with Dancers and Singers, a professional Magician, Pyro, and numerous entertainers for cameo appearances like Cloris Leachman, Ernest Borgnine, and others. I produced a very well received Senior Prom Revisited ; On going concerts with Player including the very successful 25th Anniversary event for PGA West; I produced an event Jay White as Neil Diamond employing an outstanding local church choir, professional back up singers, an actor, and Jay White and his six person band. Currently I am setting up a major production for early November working with Veterans of Foreign Wars combined chapters here in the Coachella Valley , and on going dinner theater . I have pretty much been a one person show as producer relying on a few investors, and a great team of PR, Graphics, Legal/Accounting, Photography and secretarial shortly before shows . I believe I do this very well because of my own organizational education and experience over many years in business and charity work.

I do marketing and Public Relations under the dba I MAKE IT HAPPEN MARKETING AND PR, and this truly fits with my name, as that is what I do. I have produced several medical trade shows and health fairs, and I have branded and worked with many professionals in medical fields.

Yes. I will bring the full efforts and creative ideas to your company, and forge ahead with good decisions and full transparency to produce a wonderful experience for you.